What are SailRank Power Rankings?

The SailRank Power Rankings simulate what a regatta with all of the current sailors in the country would look like. The power rankings use the SailRank Rating System, which is a mathematical model that uses the scores of each sailor in each race to determine their rating as they progress in their sailing career. The power rankings create the best possible teams based on the ratings of the sailors and then simulate a regatta with those teams. The power rankings are updated weekly, and are a great way to see how your team stacks up against the rest of the country in each discipline. Note: The threshold for being eligible for selection for a team on the power rankings is 5 races in that discipline, so rankings have huge potential for change, especially early in the season and towards the bottom of the lists.

Column Descriptions

  • Rank - The rank of the team in the power rankings.
  • Team - The team number of the team. The #1 Team can be thought of as the team that would be sent to a championship event.
  • Avg Rating - The average rating of the the sailors for a team based on their position.
  • Expected Avg Pts - The expected average points that the pair would score in a regatta for their division.
  • Win Prob - The minimum percent of races a team should expect to win against the next ranked team.
  • Tossup Prob - The percent of races sailed against the next ranked team that would have a very close outcome.

Womens Team Racing Power Rankings